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게재년월 연차 논문제목 연구자 게재학술지명 발행기관 발행번호 IF
20201228 2020 “Majority‐Rules” Effect on Supramolecular Chirality and Optoelectronic Properties of Chiral Tetrachloro‐Perylene Diimides Xiaobo Shang; Xiaobo Shang; Inho Song; Myeonggeun Han; Jeong Hyeon Lee; Hiroyoshi Ohtsu; Wanuk Choi; Jin Chul Kim; Jaeyong Ahn; Advanced Optical Materials 8.286
20201224 2020 Differential activation mechanisms of two isoforms of Gcr1 transcription factor generated from spliced and un-spliced transcript Seungwoo Cha; Chang Pyo Hong; Hyun Ah Kang; Ji-Sook Hahn Nucleic Acids Research 11.501
20201223 2020 Synergistic Effects of Cation and Anion in an Ionic Imidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Additive for Improving the Efficiency and Stab Hongki Kim; Hongki Kim; Jong Woo Lee; Gi Rim Han; Seoung Jeun Kim; Joon Hak Oh Advanced Functional Materials 16.836
20201221 2020 Time-resolved observation of V2O5/TiO2 in NH3-SCR reveals the equivalence of Brønsted and Lewis acid sites Inhak Song; Hwangho Lee; Se Won Jeon; Taejin Kim; Do Heui Kim Chemical Communications, 56(98), 15450-15453 5.996
20201221 2020 Kinetic and DRIFTS studies of IrRu/Al2O3 catalysts for lean NOx reduction by CO at low temperature Ji Hwan Song; Dong Chan Park; Young-Woo You; Young Jin Kim; Soo Min Kim; Iljeong Heo; Do Heui Kim Catalysis Science & Technology, 10(24), 8182-8195 5.721
20201218 2020 Flexible high-performance graphene hybrid photodetectors functionalized with gold nanostars and perovskites Yoon Ho Lee; Yoon Ho Lee; Seungyoung Park; Yousang Won; Jungho Mun; Jae Hwan Ha; Jeong Hun Lee; Sang Hyuk Lee; Jongmin Park; Jeo NPG Asia Materials, 12 8.131
20201218 2020 Effect of Melt-Compounding Protocol on Self-Aggregation and Percolation in a Ternary Composite Ji Hwan Kim; Joung Sook Hong Polymers, 12(12), 3041-3041-17 3.426
20201211 2020 Hand-ground fullerene-nanodiamond composite for photosensitized water treatment and photodynamic cancer therapy hongshin lee Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 587, 101-109 7.489
20201210 2020 Advances in Drug Delivery Technology for The Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme Gi Doo Cha; Taegyu Kang; Seungmin Baik; Dokyoon Kim; Seung Hong Choi; Taeghwan Hyeon; Dae-Hyeong Kim Journal of Controlled Release, 328, 350-367 7.727
20201209 2020 "Prediction of Oxidant Exposures and Micropollutant Abatement during Ozonation Using a Machine Learning Method Dongwon Cha Environmental Science & Technology, 55(1), 709-718 7.864


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