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201704 2017 A Comparative study on the solubility and stability of p-phenylenediamine-based organic redox couples for non-aqueous flow batte 김현승, 이건준, 한영규, 류지헌, 오승모 Journal of Power Sources, 348, 264-269
201704 2017 Communication – Electrochemical Conversion of CuV2O6 into Metallic Cu and LiVo3 with Highly Reversible Lithium Storage 이정범, 채슬기, 정혜정, 황홍서, 정지원, 류지헌, 오승모 Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 164(4), A864-866
201704 2017 Gold Nanoparticle/Graphene Oxide Hybrid Sheets Attached on Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Effective Photothermal Cancer Therapy 강서경, 이정희, 류승미, 권예지, 김경훈, 정대홍, 백승렬, 김병수 Chemistry of Materials, 29, 8, 3461-3476
201703 2017 Sulfur-Immobilized, Activated Porous Carbon Nanotube Composite Based Cathodes for Lithium?Sulfur Batteries 이준섭, 전재문, 장정식, Arumugam Manthiram Small13(12),1602984
201703 2017 High-Density Single-Layer Coating of Gold Nanoparticles onto Multiple Substrates by Using an Intrinsically Disordered Protein of 박기범, 이정희, 김창현, 정동영, 강진현, 오수정, 이정섭, 강진수, 유지문, 양지은, 류근일, 박성학, 이소민, 남기태, 전누리, 장정식, 홍병희, 성영은, 윤명한, 백승렬 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(10), 8519-8532
201703 2017 Large Grain-Based Hole-Blocking Layer-Free Planar-Type Perovskite Solar Cell with Best Efficiency of 18.20% 유해준, 유재훈, 이종우, 노종민, 이기수, 윤주영, 이정섭, 김윤기, 황도익, 강주연, 김성근, 장정식 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces9(9), 8113-8120
201701 2017 Graphene oxide wrapped sio2/tio2 hollow nanoparticles loaded with photosensitizer for photothermal and photodynamic combination 장윤선, 김소진, 이승애, 윤창민, 이인규, 장정식 Chemistry - A European Journal23(15), 3719-3727
201703 2017 Enhanced physical stability and chemical durability of sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) composite membranes having antioxi 김기현, 배정문, 임민영, 허필원, 최소원, 권혁회, 이종찬 JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, 525, 125-134
201703 2017 Ultra-hydrophobic sticky polymer surfaces formed by water-induced surface deformation 손은호, 김병각, 홍현기, 손다정, 이종찬 JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE , 490, 84-90
201703 2017 Interfacial Structure Analysis for the Morphology Prediction of Adipic Acid Crystals from Aqueous Solution 서범준, 김태완, 김슬우, 유지호, 류재빈, 윤준호, 이원보, 이윤우 CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN, 17, 3, 1088-1095


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