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201705 2017 Enhanced Ethylene Productivity by the Promotion of Lattice Oxygen in Ni-Nb-O/CexZr1-xO2 Composite for Oxidative Dehydrogenation 이민재, 윤양식, 성종백, 이중원, 서영종, 송인규, 이종협 Catalysis Communications, 95, 58-62
201705 2017 Highly selective chemical mechanical polishing of Si3N4 over SiO2 using advanced silica abrasive 배기호, 백계현, 김재석, 김호영, 윤보언, 김재정 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 56, 5, 056501
201705 2017 Cu seed layer damage caused by insoluble anode in Cu electrodeposition 함유석, 김재정, 조성기 Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 34, 5, 1490-1494
201705 2017 Biosynthesis of indigo in Escherichia coli expressing self-sufficient CYP102A from Streptomyces cattleya 김희정, 장세영, 김준원, 양영헌, 김윤곤, 김병기, 최권영 Dyes and Pigments, 140, 29-35
201704 2017 Chondrogenically primed tonsil-derived mesenchymal stem cells encapsulated in riboflavin-induced photocrosslinking collagen-hyal 고희승, 김은희, 강병재, 황석연 Acta Biomaterialia, 15, 53, 318-328
201704 2017 Dynamic Nanoparticle Assemblies for Biomedical Applications Fangyuan Li, Jingxiong Lu, Xueqian Kong, Taeghwan Hyeon, Daishun Ling Advanced Materials, 29(14), 1605897
201704 2017 Distinct Activation of Cu-MOR for Direct Oxidation of Methane to Methanol 김윤화, 김태용, 이현주, 이종협 Chemical Communications, 53, 4116-4119
201704 2017 Graphene oxide reinforced hydrogels for osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells 노명경, 김수환, 김지용, 이주로, 정군재, 윤정기, 강서경, 방석호, 윤희훈, 이종찬, 황석연, 김병수 RSC Advances, 7, 34, 20779-20788
201704 2017 Assemblies of Colloidal CdSe Tetrapod Nanocrystals with Lengthy Arms for Flexible Thin-Film Transistors 허현준, 이무형, 양지혜, 위한솔, 임재훈, 함동효, 유지웅, 배완기, 이원보, 강문성, 차국헌 NANO letters, 17, 2433-2439
201704 2017 Extraction of Salinity-Gradient Energy by a Hybrid Capacitive-Mixing System 이지호, 윤홍식, 이재한, 김태영, 윤제용 ChemSusChem, 10, 7, 1600-1606


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