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201708 2017 Multiplexible Wash-Free Immunoassay Using Colloidal Assemblies of Magnetic and Photoluminescent Nanoparticles 김도균, 권혁진, 신광수, 김재엽, 유노을, 최승홍, 소민, 강태규, 한상인, 현택환 ACS NANO, 11(8), 8448-8455
201708 2017 Continuous O2-Evolving MnFe2O4 Nanoparticle-Anchored Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Efficient Photodynamic Therapy in Hypox 김종훈, 조혜림, 전혜진, 김도균, 송창영, 이노현, 최승홍, 현택환 Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139(32), 10992-10995
201708 2017 Surface design of magnetic nanoparticles for stimuli-responsive cancer imaging and therapy 강태규, Fangyuan Li , 백승민, Wei Shao, Daishun Ling, 현택환 Biomaterials, 136, 98-114
201708 2017 Biocompatible custom ceria nanoparticles against reactive oxygen species resolve acute inflammatory reaction after intracerebral 강동완, 김치경, 정한길, 소민, 김태호, 최인영, 기슬기 김두연, 양욱진, 현택환, 이승훈 Nano Research, 10(8), 2743-2760
201708 2017 Improving Dispersion and Barrier Properties of Polyketone/Graphene Nanoplatelet Composites via Noncovalent Functionalization Usi 조재현, 전익성, 김성윤, 임순호, 조재영 Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 27984-27994
201708 2017 Solvent diffusion in polymer-embedded hollow nanoparticles studied by in situ small angle X-ray scattering Zhi Hong Chen, 황선혜, Xiang-bing Zeng, 노종민, 장정식, Goran Ungar Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(32), 21663-21671
201708 2017 Size effects of a graphene quantum dot odifiedblocking TiO2 layer for efficient planar perovskite solar cells 유재훈, 이종우, 유해준, 윤주영, 이기수, 이정섭, 황도익, 강주연, 김성근, 장정식 Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(32), 16834-16842
201708 2017 Proton conductive cross-linked benzoxazine-benzimidazole copolymers as novel porous substrates for reinforced pore-filling membr 김기현, 최성우, 박정옥, 김성곤, 임민영, 김기현, 고태윤, 이종찬 Journal of Membrane Science, 536, 76-85
201708 2017 Optimal design and operating condition of boil-off CO2 re-liquefaction process, considering seawater temperature variation and c 이석구, 최고봉, 이창준, 이종민 Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 124, 29-45
201708 2017 Coprecipitation of hydrochlorothiazide/PVP for the dissolution rate improvement by precipitation with compressed fluid antisolve 박희정, 윤태준, 권동의, 유경석, 이윤우 Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 126, 37-46


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