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게재년월 연차 논문제목 연구자 게재학술지명 발행기관 발행번호 IF
201709 2017 Fabrication of a one-dimensional tube-in-tube polypyrrole/tin oxide structure for highly sensitive DMMP sensor applications 전재문, 이준섭, 신동훈, 오정균, 김우영, 나원주, 장정식 Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(33), pp. 17335-17340
201709 2017 Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen over palladium catalyst supported on heteropolyacid-containing or 이종원, 김정권, 강태훈, 이어진, 송인규 Catalysis Today (293-294, 49-55)
201709 2017 Diagnosis of Partial Blockage in Water Pipeline Using Support Vector Machine with Fault-Characteristic Peaks in Frequency Domain 김대식, 신성호, 최고봉, 장광호, 서정철, 이종민 Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 44, 9, 707-714
201709 2017 Copper Oxide as a Hydrogen Fluoride Scavenger for High-Voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Positive Electrode 순지용, 이태진, 김현승, 정지원, 류지헌, 오승모 Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 164(12), A2677-A2682
201709 2017 Consensus Algorithm-Based Approach to Fundamental Modeling of Water Pipe Networks 이신제, 이종민, Jingbo Wu, Frank Allgower, 서정철, 이기백 AICHE Journal, 63, 9, 3860-3870
201709 2017 Ceria–Zirconia Nanoparticles as an Enhanced Multi-Antioxidant for Sepsis Treatment 소민, 강동완, 정한길, 김도균, 김도연, 양욱진, 송창영, 백승민, 최인영, 기슬기, 권혁진,김태호, 김치경, 이승훈, 현택환 ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 56(38), 11399-11403
201709 2017 Activation of Pd/SSZ-13 catalyst by hydrothermal aging treatment in passive NO adsorption performance at low temperature for col 유영석, 이재하, 이효경, 김창환, 김도희 Applied Catalysis B-Environmental (212, 140-149)
201709 2017 A New Energy-Saving Catalytic System: CO2 Activation via Metal/Carbon Catalyst 윤다님, 박대성, 이경록, 윤양식, 김태용, 박홍석, 이현주, 이종협 ChemSusChem (10, 18, 3671-3678)
201709 2017 A dual modal silver bumpy nanoprobe for photoacoustic imaging and SERS multiplexed identification of in vivo lymph nodes 차명근, 이승현, 박성조, 강호만, 이성근, 정철환, 이윤식, 김철홍, 정대홍 Nanoscale, 9(34) 12556
201709 2017 2D boron nitride nanoflakes as a multifunctional additive in gel polymer electrolytes for safe, long cycle life and high rate li 심지민, 김희중, 김병각, 김용석, 김동균, 이종찬 Energy & Environmental Science, 10, 1911-1916


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