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201606 2016 Elemental Sulfur and Molybdenum Disulfide Composites for Li-S Batteries with Long Cycle Life and High-Rate Capability Philip T. Dirlam, 박정진, Adam G. Simmonds, Kenneth Domanik, Clay B. Arrington, Jennifer L. Schaefer, Vladimir P. Oleshko, Tristan S. Kleine, 차국헌, Richard S. Glass, Christopher L. Soles, 김천중, Nicola Pinna, 성영은, Jeffrey Pyun ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (8, 21, 13437–13448)
201606 2016 Enzyme-Assisted Growth of Nacreous CaCO3/Polymer Hybrid Nanolaminates via the Formation of Mineral Bridges 염봉준, 차국헌 Journal of Crystal Growth (443, 31–37)
201606 2016 Hierarchical core/shell Janus-type α-Fe2O3/PEDOT nanoparticles for high performance flexible energy storage devices 박진욱, 나원주, 장정식 Journal of Materials Chemistry A (4, 21, 8263-8271)
201606 2016 Membrane of Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanoplates with Angstrom-Level Channels 이병호, Kunzhou Li, 윤홍식, 윤제용, 목영봉, 이얀, 이홍희, 김용협 Scientific Reports, 6, 28052
201606 2016 Microtechnology-based organ systems and whole-body models for drug screening 이승환, 하상근, 최인욱, 최낙원, 박태현, 성종환 Biotechnology Journal (11, 6, 746–756)
201606 2016 Na2FeP2O7 as a Novel Material for Hybrid Capacitive Deionization 김성환, 이재한,김춘수, 윤제용 Electrochimica Acta 203(2016) 265-271
201606 2016 NAD+-specific glutamate dehydrogenase (EC. in Streptomyces coelicolor; in vivo characterization and the implication for nutrient-dependent secondary metabolism 김송희, 김병기 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100:5527-5536, 2016
201606 2016 Proteolytic disassembly of peptide-mediated graphene oxide assemblies for turn-on fluorescence sensing of proteases 양진경, 곽선영, 전수지, 이은진, 주종민, 김혜인, 이윤식, 김종호 Nanoscale, 8, 12272-12281
201606 2016 PSA Detection with Femtomolar Sensitivity and a Broad Dynamic Range Using SERS Nanoprobes and an Area-Scanning Method 장혜진, 강호만, 고은별, 전봉현, 이호영, 이윤식, 정대홍 ACS Sensors, 1, 645-649
201606 2016 Recent Advances in Flexible and Stretchable Bio-Electronic Devices Integrated with Nanomaterials 최수지, 이현재, Roozbeh Ghaffari, 현택환, 김대형 Advanced Materials(28, 22, 4203-4218)


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