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201608 2016 Energy conversion of sub-band-gap light using naked carbon nanodots and rhodamine B 유성주, 이수영, 엄하늬, 이종협 Nano Energy (26, 479-487)
201608 2016 Arm Length Dependency of Pt-Decorated CdSe Tetrapods on the Performance of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation 성영훈, 임재훈, 고재현, 민병권, J. Pyun, 차국헌 Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering (33, 8, 2287-2290)
201608 2016 Capacitive deionization with Ca-alginate coated-carbon electrode for hardness control 윤홍식, 이지호, 김상룡, 강전일, 김성환, 김춘수, 윤제용 Desalination 392 (2016) 46–53
201608 2016 Colloidal Random Terpolymers: Controlling Reactivity Ratios of Colloidal Comonomers via Metal Tipping Nicolas G Pavlopoulos, Jeffrey T. Dubose, Erin D. Hartnett, 차국헌, Jeffrey Pyun ACS MACRO LETTERS, 5, 8, 950-954
201608 2016 Controlled Mutual Diffusion between Fullerene and Conjugated Polymer Nanopillars in Ordered Heterojunction Solar Cells 고종국, 송지연, 윤현식, 김태용, 이창희, Ruediger Berger, 차국헌 Advanced Materials Interfaces (3, 16)
201608 2016 Design and economic analysis of natural gas hydrate regasification process combined with LNG receiving terminal 신서린, 이용석, 송기욱, 나종걸, 박성호, 이영범, 이철진, 한종훈 Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 112, 64-77
201608 2016 Duplex Bioelectronic Tongue for Sensing Umami and Sweet Tastes Based on Human Taste Receptor Nanovesicles 안새련, 안지현, 송현석, 박진욱, 이상훈, 김재현, 장정식, 박태현 ACS Nano (10, 8, 7287-7296)
201608 2016 Effect of Boron Content on 1,4-Butanediol Production by Hydrogenation of Succinic Acid over Re-Ru/BMC (Boron-modified Mesoporous Carbon) Catalysts 강기혁, 한승주, 이종원, 김태협, 송인규 Applied Catalysis A: General (524, 206-213)
201608 2016 Effect of silica particles on vortex dynamics in a micro-contraction channel flow of poly (ethylene oxide) solutions 김영석, 안경현, 이승종 Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics(234,170–177)
201608 2016 Efficient mRNA delivery with graphene oxide-polyethylenimine for generation of footprint-free human induced pluripotent stem cells. 최혜연, 이태진, 양광모, 오재서, 원지혜, 한지혜, 정근재, 김종필, 김진회, 김병수, 조쌍구 Journal of Controlled Release 235: 222–235.


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