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201604 2016 Identification of fouling materials in the microfiltration of seawater laden with marine algae 김승현, 민충식, 서동우, 윤제용 Desalination and Water Treatment, (2016)1-9
201604 2016 Interplay between electrical and rheological properties of viscoelastic inks 유미림, 안경현, 이승종 APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING (122,4,355)
201604 2016 One pot synthesis of environmentally friendly lignin nanoparticles with compressed liquid carbon dioxide as an antisolvent 이이밋, 이헌욱, 서범준, 손원수, 윤준호, 윤태준, 박희정, 유지현, 윤제용, 이윤우 Green Chemistry Volume 18, Issue 7, 2129-2146(2016)
201604 2016 P212A mutant of dihydrodaidzein reductase enhances (S)-equol productivity and enantioselectivity in recombinant Escherichia coli whole cell reaction system 이평강, 김준원, 김은정, 정은옥, Bishnu Prasad Pandey, 김병기 Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(7):1992-2002, 2016
201604 2016 Penetration and Exchange Kinetics of Primary Alkyl Amines Applied to Reactive Poly(Pentafluorophenyl Acrylate) Thin Films 손현주, 장영선, 구자승, 이정수, Patrick Theato, 차국헌 Polymer Journal (48, 4, 487–495)
201604 2016 Redirection of pyruvate flux toward desired metabolic pathways through substrate channeling between pyruvate kinase and pyruvate-converting enzymes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 김수진, 배상정, 한지숙 Scientific Reports (7, 6, 27667
201604 2016 Soluble expression and stability enhancement of transcription factors using 30Kc19 cell-penetrating protein 류지나, 박희호, 박주현, 이홍재, 이원종, 박태현 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology(100, 8, 3523-3532)
201604 2016 Special Issue: Polymer surfaces, interfaces and thin films Jeiji Tanaka, Takeshi Serizawa, Wen-Charng Chen, 차국헌, Takashi Kato POLYMER JOURNAL, 48, 4, 323
201604 2016 Using tyrosinase as a monophenol monooxygenase: A combined strategy for effective inhibition of melanin formation 이상혁, 백기헌, 이주은, 김병기 Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 113(4):735-743, 2016
201603 2016 A Semi-Analytical Method for Determining the Optimal Stripper Pressure in CO2 Capture and Liquefaction Using Monoethanolamine (MEA) 박태균, 이석구, 김성호, 이 웅, 한종훈, 이종민 International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 46, 271-281


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